Tooq aims to provide value clients form a wide variety of industries. We design and develop websites (tooq.ca, yeggers.com), provide custom application development, consulting services, embedded hardware solutions (armwerks.com) and many other small business services.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and tailor solutions that make operation of their business easier.

Who we are:

Brian Mackay – Founder, CEO

Currently, customer acquisition, the blog, the Twitter account, UI design, marketing, janitorial, and most other operations that aren’t code related are handled by Founder and CEO, Brian MacKay. You can find me on Linkedin, or Twitter and at the Facebook Tooq Page. Brian spent a decade and a half in the hospitality industry, mostly managing restaurants and pubs. In 2005, he was lucky enough to escape long hours and low pay to begin testing software. This involved slightly fewer hours. After nearly four years working on both the desktop and online editions of Quickbooks for three different countries, he made the leap into the world of start ups with Semanti, as a tester, product manager, project manager, marketer and whatever else needed doing. In June 2009, work began in earnest on the creation and launch of myTooq.com.

Brian lives in Edmonton with his wife and son. He used to enjoy playing music but is usually far too busy for things like that now. He does golf on occasion. Poorly.


myTooq.com is owned and operated by Tooq Inc, an Alberta corporation. Need to get in touch? Send us an email at contact at mytooq dot com. Thanks for visiting!


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