Update on Google+ Release Date

I pulled my recent post as I didn’t want to spread hype about Google Plus’ open door date based on a dubious profile. I was maybe excited to share the news, but on further inspection, the source seemed (and still does) suspect. While not spreading outrageous information, there is no supporting info provided and no Google employees following. Sorry to post and then yank it.

That being said, this Mashable article does reference a launch on or before July 31 (see first paragraph in the last section): http://mashable.com/2011/07/05/google-blogger-picasa-rebranding/


4 Comments on “Update on Google+ Release Date”

  1. mytooq says:

    [Aug 12] Google+ has not been opened to the public yet, but everyone that currently has access also has 150 invites to share as they see fit. This was released last week, but I hadn’t a chance to update this post.

    Not only can you invite friends via email, Google also provided a referral link that can be shared across the web.

    First come, first served: https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/ngemlink?path=%2F%3Fgpinv%3DCZqk8XIaCdM%3A_WIsOJLiUOc


  3. codyw says:

    WOW! you are awesome! i’ve been trying so hard to get in

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