Google+ Invites Turned Off? There’s a Way Around That.

Invites are currently disabled due to the overwhelming response as people clamor for access. There is however a way to invite your contacts, even though the invite mechanism has been temporarily disabled for Google+.

Quick steps for sending out invites under the radar:

1. Create a Circle called “Invites” (or whatever you like).

2. Add by email the list of friends you’d like to send an invite to or drag friends into that circle if G+ found a bunch of your contacts,

3. In your stream, create a post and share it with your invite group.

4. Share to that group.

Your list will receive an email with your stream update and a button called “Learn More About Google+”. By clicking that button, they should be able to sign up for the service*.

*The one exception to this is companies using Google Apps can’t create profiles, which means they can’t use Google+. So far this would be my biggest complaint as my company uses Apps and all my contacts are done with my corp email. Instead, I’m forced to use a personal email that I don’t use for anything else.


6 Comments on “Google+ Invites Turned Off? There’s a Way Around That.”

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  2. mytooq says:

    It appears that Google+ is now showing an “over capacity” message on the workaround and for invites sent while it was open yesterday for a majority of invitees.

    If you get an invite, keep trying the link throughout the day. The link will still work, it’s just a matter of when they open the tap again.

    Any RT’s, comments, etc are appreciated,

  3. mytooq says:

    Seeing the odd invite come through again. Google may be opening the tap a little bit again.

  4. mytooq says:

    Tough to tell if the workaround invites are getting through or not. I’m still sending invites as they come in through the form link, but I’m not hearing back.

    I’m still sending them out if you need one though, so see the previous post to fill out the form. My only prerequisite now is that you take a moment, read this post and give me a vote:


  5. davelasc says:

    I wasn’t able to vote… :(

    but i subscribed… can i still get an invite?

  6. davelasc says:

    thanks! got it. :)

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