Release: Beanstream Payment Processing for Concrete5

Late last week, the eCommerce add-on we developed for Concrete5 that allows you to process credit card payments using the Beanstream Payment Gateway was released to the Concrete5 market place. You can find it here.

In addition to offering seamless integration with the eCommerce add-on, the release also provides:

  • Manage live and sandbox Beanstream accounts with the flip of a switch
  • Choose between Pre-Auth and Purchase mode
  • Choose Validation Method: None, Name/Password, and Hash Validation
  • Canadian users benefit from Beanstream’s GST/HST handling, not easily done in the Concrete5 eCommerce package.
We’re planning on keeping our eyes and ears open for feedback to assess whether or not we should integrate the Interac ability provided by Beanstream. If we sense a demand, we’ll look at updating it to include it.
So what does Beanstream think about this?
Well. I didn’t check with them before we developed it. I did however send an email off to Jane Waite, Marketing Manager at Beanstream before submitting to the marketplace and received a positive response to our efforts without a single change requested to our messaging.  Again, their turnaround time and great communication has impressed me and, even though we’re a channel partner too, I’m glad I made the decision to use them as our gateway.
Next up? Lots of client work on the go this week and next. We have another Concrete5 add-on in the works right now and the possibility that a weekend of rest and relaxation may be upon us sometime in June. Or July. Well, definitely at least a Sunday afternoon, sometime in 2011. Or early 2012. Maybe.

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