Marketing Your Small Business

With our recent addition of client services to our arsenal, a nice way of saying we’re now also doing consulting work, I’m seeing many of our small business clients struggling with or looking for ways to improve their marketing efforts. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post a series about different methods and means to market your small business.

While having a purely word of mouth referral business or one where repeat customers are the norm are great things, what do you do when starting out?  Certainly, either angle requires at least a few customers to kick start things. If you have transitioned from working on the side while having a day job, you have some relative safety when you make the leap with a few clients already talking about you. If you have made the leap before acquiring customers, be prepared for things to take longer and your customer acquisition to cost more. Maybe you’ve been around for a while but need to give your sales channel a shot in the arm.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll detail my experience and some of my client’s experiences with customer acquisition, what has worked and what has not. We’ll look at some of the traditional means (print, radio, television), guerrilla tactics you can use, and of course creating an effective presence on the web. When the series is done, I hope to have a helpful guide for small business owners that can help target limited budget dollars to effective means of letting people know you exist and turn them into customers.

Look for the first post later this week.


One Comment on “Marketing Your Small Business”

  1. mytooq says:

    Okay. This week just got way too busy and I find myself amazed that it is Friday already.

    This series will start soon. Just not early this week…

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