Reporting for Duty

I’m happy to announce, that after a very long time, we’re able to introduce a few key reports into today. It is without question, that I understand how necessary reporting is to an application like ours and it has driven me crazy for months that we haven’t had anything.  We’re a very small team, with a very small remaining budget and lots of choices to make about features. Reports unfortunately kept getting pushed back over the last several months.

As of this evening, we will have a Sales Report and a Sales Tax/VAT report in the application. While both reports are quite simple, they are able to provide integral information for running your business.

The Sales Tax/VAT Report allows you to see how much sales tax or VAT you have collected for a date range of your choosing. Nothing too fancy here, but it will display a list of all the tax/VAT amounts that you have collected for the chosen time period.

The Sales Report allows you to filter by date, client and project so you can create some custom sales information. This report will also be integral to providing to your accountant at the end of your fiscal year, along with your expenses, making your accounting bill smaller than handing them all your invoices.

Both reports generate straight to pdf so you can save or print them easily. We also put a date stamp on the bottom right to help you keep track of multiple reports.

I expect that the site will be down for a very short time late this afternoon to push the reports live. I’d love to hear your feedback on them and what other reports (or other features) you’d like to see next.



One Comment on “Reporting for Duty”

  1. johnny says:

    i like it

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