Extended Free Trial!

Well, it appears that we’re running into a few more technical hurdles that will see our subscriptions delayed again.

This means that everyone currently using myTooq.com is on an extended 14 day free trial for the time being. We should have subscriptions up and running within the next ten days and at that point we’ll have the ability to start charging for the service. Of course, if you are only using the free level of service, there is no impact anyways. For those that would be on a paid tier, you get to put any subscription fees off for a while longer.

So, if you have been wondering why you haven’t seen any messaging about the end of your free trial, you now know why.

Have a great weekend.


PS  Roy should be back with some posts in a week or two. I’ve been unable to convince him to quit his day job to come work more hours for free and he’s a little overloaded with work right now.


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