Partner Announcement

I’m really happy to announce today that is now a Channel Partner for Beanstream Electronic Payment Processing!

Everything’s official at this point and we will soon be offering referrals to Beanstream for those in need of payment processing. Beanstream is able to get you set up easily with merchant accounts, gateways and guide you through the right level of PCI compliance. We will be able to refer users in both the United States and Canada. Hopefully in the not too distant future, Beanstream will offer their services in other countries too and I’ll do my best  to make sure we’re on board for when that happens.

So Why Beanstream?*

Save on transaction fees
We offer competitive rates and will tailor your service package to meet your business requirements. No locked contract, no hidden service fees. We’re also a one-stop shop for low-cost online merchant accounts.

Create the best experience for your customers
Customer-facing payment pages are as important as the checkout setup at a retail store. Choose from a wide range of store design and integration options. Impress your clients. Keep your conversion rates high.

Streamline your internal processes
Beanstream offers many free services including comprehensive reporting and numerous risk management options to help you manage your transaction flow and keep your business running smoothly.

Simplify PCI!

Store confidential data on Beanstream’s certified servers. Choose from a variety of hosted solutions including our new tokenized Payment Profiles service.

No Long-Term Contracts

We believe if your products are really good and you are honest with your merchant, there is no reason to lock them into long term contracts.

No Termination Fees

Our Customer Service is Exceptional! If a merchant is unhappy, they can leave at any time with no termination fees.

No Hidden Fees

No statement fees, access fees, double dipping (give a lower transaction price and then charge for both Authorization and Settlement).


Merchants love us because we do what we say, and say what we do. We never promise anything to a merchant we cannot deliver. We are known for our flexibility and our ability to create very innovative solutions for our merchants.


Our Support Team is the best! We do not say this lightly and only hire very seasoned professionals that undergo a very thorough training program so that our merchants get the best Support in the industry.

*Info is taken from & an email from Beanstream’s Director of Business Development

Still some work to be done

After a lot of research, I chose to use Beanstream for based on their reasonable fees and no hidden costs during the sign-up. Everything was clearly stated as far as fees were concerned and there was indeed no surprises. What really impressed me throughout our sign-up process was the level of service and knowledge from every single person I’ve been in contact with. The support is excellent and responsive and they walked me through getting our accounts and gateway set-up.

There’s still a few things to iron out on our side, namely how we will put you in touch with the fine folks at Beanstream and make sure that they know we sent you. The partnership program does see myTooq receive monetary benefit from the sign-up and transaction fees and I want to make sure that we’re up front about that. I also need to clarify with Beanstream how much we’re able to disclose about the costs/percentages. The contract does have a non-disclosure clause so we may be forced to simply find a way to offer a discount on fees to verified sign-ups, without disclosing details. I’m currently not sure how much information we’ll have from Beanstream about who signs-up through our referral, but I’m hoping to offset myTooq subscription rates for those that sign up for Beanstream services through us. I’ll update this post when I find out more on this.

So, that’s the first of a couple of partnership announcements I have. I’m really excited to be able to find some solutions for people using that will help them manage and grow their business. I have another announcement for Canadian companies coming up, probably within a week. I have a meeting in Calgary to sort out some technology details, but the handshake agreement is in place.

If you are in need of the Beanstream referral right away, or have any questions, please send me an email (brian [@] and I’ll put you in touch with someone right away.

Thanks for reading,



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