Changes to Pricing (and a mini rant)

Now maybe this would be best accompanied by a new landing page and some lovely charts showing features in rows and price levels in columns with some cool green check-marks and all of that, but…

Well, I’d rather get it out there and waiting for the updated page doesn’t make sense if you need to decide if we’re the right solution for you or not. As I mentioned in my post the other day, I created our currently displayed pricing when I was creating the overall design for the invoicing. It was much like everybody else’s pricing in that it was confusing for someone new to the site to see what kind of value was there if they had not tried the service yet.

So, our pricing will work as follows:

Instead of five tiers of service, we will now have only three.

Pricing will be Free, $14 per month and $69 per month.

Free -will be able to create send 5 invoices per month, have access for single user and have basic email support.

For $14 per month, you will be able to create and send up to 50 transactions per month, enable up to three company users and have preferred email support.

For $69 per month, the limit is 1000 transactions per month, 10 users and priority email support.

Both of the paid levels will have the ability to subscribe for a year at a discounted rate totaling $140 and $599 respectively.

All accounts start with a 14 day free trial (no credit card needed) on the $69 per month tier. Email support is generally within a few hours, and that should stay the same most of the time. When we start charging, the higher tiered customer will receive priority over a lower tiered customer, but my goal is to get back to you as soon as I can any time I receive an email requesting support.

Annual subscriptions will automatically receive all new features added to the core invoicing/bookkeeping part of myTooq, likely while the features are in beta. Without wanting to set any expectations, a payroll module and/or a recruiting application would likely not fall under the pricing (maybe they will, I don’t know yet), but beta preference would likely be given on anything we work on. Things like expense tracking, an integrated time tracker and the sort would likely go out to all paid subscribers. It is expected that Free users will remain with a very basic, but useful product.

Also gone under the new pricing model is the client count. I think we had to track either clients or transactions but tracking both only added to the confusion.

With the application being so simple and easy to use, having a pricing structure that was overly complicated went against what I’m hoping to achieve. Now, I have to be honest that the simplicity came of necessity, but it seems to have stricken a chord with people. Simple is our best feature. There are other solutions out there, some run by companies that have made fortunes over and over again with their solution. But I think people are sick of having to buy a new product every year or two because it’s been purposely disabled in some way and a new feature you’ll never use has been added in an effort to keep you marching lock step, wallet in hand. After a while, it’s just a product full of noise that costs way more than it should, costs you too much time installing, patching and upgrading your files, all just to use the few features you actually need. It becomes a distraction from what it is supposed to be helping you do: Running your business.

I haven’t listed out all the features here, but really just the basics of how the pricing will be structured in order to give you as much warning as possible. We’ll have more in depth materials on the site very soon. In order to help in the planning for the current users of the site, I’ll be sending out promo codes to help offset some of the pricing change. The codes will go out to everyone and they can be used or forwarded as you wish.

Please chime in with a comment or send me an email (brian at mytooq dot com) if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for reading,


PS I also have an announcement for Canadian companies coming in early September. Stay tuned here for details!


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