Better Blogging Bureau

So far, I’ve taken care of writing this here blog, for better or worse (often worse). I ramble, I post off topic, I comment on non-business related material, I have no focus for what could best serve either the users of or the general perusing reader. While I may provide the occasional bit of value, humor, or insight, when you read this blog you pay with your time (though certainly not many comments).

In an effort to increase the value of the blog to those of you that have small businesses (sole proprietors, contractor and freelancers included), I have asked Co-founder Roy Uchman to contribute to the blog with posts specifically with small business matters.

I had the pleasure of working with Roy at Intuit Canada for a little over three years where we clicked pretty well when it came to testing. Roy looked beyond what had been done before in product release cycles to try and find better ways to do things. He cared about the people he lead there and was often the voice of reason to my more firey style. When myTooq came about, I approached Roy early on to co-found based on his experience, level headed-ness and  ability. Roy has always kept a focus on the end user of products and ensured they were well represented as a stakeholder, often when they had been forgotten or neglected due to schedule or business taking priority.

While neither Roy nor I know exactly where the boundaries will lie with who writes about what on the blog, early on, he will focus on posts about how to start, grow and succeed with your own small business, while I continue to post about what is happening with myTooq and all the other random things I go on about.  We will likely collaborate on a few posts and work to improve each others writing by bouncing draft versions of posts off each other a little bit. Neither of us have ever claimed to be authors, so while I have generally ignored the opportunity to “find my voice”, I expect Roy will probably be the responsible (and more readable) author within the first half-dozen or so posts.

So without further adieu, I’ll stop rambling and follow this post up immediately with Roy’s first post. I’m hoping you’ll see updates here two to three times a week now and some of them should be far more coherent. Feel free to jump in with comments on the posts and suggestions on posts you might like to see.

Welcome aboard, Roy.


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