Update on the latest push and some odds n’ ends

So the Monday push didn’t happen due to some mis-communication and scheduling issues. Luckily, this only pushed us back until Wednesday afternoon when we did complete a site update. Most of the changes in my last post were included, but we a few changes that did not get committed and therefore did not show up on the site (Namely 1 & 3).

These will be included in a push early next week, along with a couple of other minor fixes. Richard is now focusing most of his time on the Recurly and Beanstream integration, which should see the light of day near the end of this month.

I have completed design work on some of the basic reports, an activity log report, payment tracking, and an edit mechanism for existing transactions. These will all be prioritized and added as soon as we can get to them. I’m also working on a media kit and some ads for a new ad network we’re going to try out in September. I may be hiring someone on contract to build a few other pieces for us, but it will be capped by a strict budget.

I’m also looking at changing up the pricing structure for the application. I think I can simplify things to three levels of service, instead of five, and meet most needs of our user base. The original structure was created well before we had our first user and analyzing the patterns of usage has helped to refine things. Maybe I’ll write another post this weekend about what we have on the site and what I’m thinking of.

Last note before heading into the weekend: This morning we saw our 750th activated user on the site. I’m really happy to see things continue to move forward and see people using the service. Thanks to everyone that has signed up and taken the application for a spin so far and especially those that have taken the time to provide feedback.

Happy Friday the 13th!



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