Planned Updates for Monday

Assuming that the whole site doesn’t blow up on us Monday afternoon, we have a planned update with some small changes and fixes. After a lengthy battle with a complicated set-up, Richard spent a week or two, in between a lot of reading, getting his feet wet fixing some of the minor bugs we have and making a few tweaks. The idea was purely to start getting more familiar with the code and then work through a site update with the guys from Spieker  Point looking over his shoulder, ready to help if need be (Richard was present for the last minor push we made to cover some PCI compliance details and see it done).

So the planned changes for Monday include:

1. Updated field labels during sign-up – I have seen a few people sign up with their company name, likely because we haven’t explained the relationship between individuals and companies anywhere. The field labels will help to solve that and we still don;t have to explain anything.

2. Postal Codes in Canada will no longer care if you enter them in lower case. The field will add the proper formatting and save to the company profile correctly now.

3. Long Company names will display correctly on invoices – Some longer named companies bled over in to the spot that we have reserved for custom logos (how’s that for foreshadowing?). They will now wrap nicely, no cropping, no overlap with the address.

4. This led to me finding another minor bug with the company selector (yes, you can have multiple companies, hence the relationship between individuals and companies) where an exceptionally long company name would overrun the frame. That’s been fixed too.

Richard is still working on a few other bugs that will hopefully be tested in time for Monday’s push. I’ll add comments here for any additional fixes to expect as well as a post on when you can expect us to be offline for up to 20-30 minutes.

More posts coming soon. Thanks for reading.



We had a scheduling conflict, so no push today. Look for an update later this week. The good news is, there will be a few additional fixes included.


2 Comments on “Planned Updates for Monday”

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  2. mytooq says:

    The planned push to the website will happen Wednesday August 11 at approximately 16:30 Mountain Time.

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