Month Four: The Stats

I’m not sure if these stats are interesting or if they provide any help to anyone, but I’ll post a few more editions anyways before deciding if I’ll continue with these posts.

I trimmed the budget on Adwords again this month and tweaked some settings. The Google Search Partners setting was seeing a lot of clicks, but some terrible conversion rates. It was simply too expensive a means to acquire users and had to go. In exchange, I’m seeing a drop in traffic for the month, but I’m saving dollars, so the trade seems fair at this point. I’m kind of holding off a bit for now as Richard ramps up and we look at getting Recurly hooked up. When we have a means to monetize our traffic, I’ll shift my focus to driving traffic again and signing up new users.

Now for the numbers:

June 16 – July 15

1577 (1747) Visits – Down due to ad revisions and easing the focus on gaining new traffic.

7567 (8261) Pageviews – Down from last month as expected.

4.8 (4.73) pageviews per visit – Up slightly from last month. I’m happy with how consistent this has been.

3:26 (3:05) time on site – Up from last month as well. This metric, along with pageviews and new traffic numbers show us as being way ahead of Google Analytics’ benchmarking.

85.94 (88.95 %) New Visits – This is the number we want to see drop a little every month (for the next little while anyways) as users return to the site to create new invoices.

127 (140) Completed Goals – Down again this month. Mostly due to the reduction in our ad spending. When we ramp things up again, I’m hoping to see roughly double this amount of signups (likely September or so).

Top 5 countries by traffic: US, South Africa, Canada, UK, Australia  (Last Month: Canada, UK, USA, South Africa, Australia)

That’s a wrap on the stats for this month. As soon as we can add some features and the mechanism to charge for our service, I expect to push the marketing side a lot more than I am now. For now, it’s the pain of waiting a few more weeks to get there.

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