HST Day in BC and Ontario

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Beta Users! I hope the long weekend treats you well.

If you happen to do business in Ontario or British Columbia, don’t forget that as of today, you need to start charging HST instead of GST+PST on most of your sales. I heard some buzz a couple of weeks ago that folks in BC were trying to force a revocation of the change to HST, but I haven’t heard how that has progressed. I’ll look into it and post an update if it looks like it may get rolled back.

There are a whole bunch of transitional rules that apply to some sales as far back as May 2010. You can review the rules from the CRA and provincial governments here. For some reason they had to make the process much more complicated than necessary, but that’s government.

If you happen to be using myTooq.com, you can have a look at changes you may need to make here. And if you are using Quickbooks 2010, most of the changes are handled with the update that came out at the end of May in the R4P update. If you are on older versions of Quickbooks, you’ll need to manually update your sales taxes by following one of the FAQs found here. If you’re on another accounting package, check their FAQs or help files for more info.

If you’re really stuck or have some HST questions, speak up in the comments and I’ll try to help you out, regardless of what system you’re using.

Happy Canada Day!



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