Three Months In: Stats

It’s been a busy month for Tooq with a lot of hurry up and wait. Richard is getting ramped up on the existing code and getting his development environment set up. I’m working on merchant accounts, payment gateways, feature designs, and some other things. I spent most of this week working on my back yard and not so much on doing what I needed to be doing for Tooq. I’m just now re-focusing and getting ready to move things forward.

We launched to beta on March 16 and each month I have posted some of our stats. This month sees lower traffic as I made several changes to our advertising budget. I lowered the CPC bid on Google Adwords to a point where we are seeing less overall traffic, but our conversion rates have held. I stopped the ad campaign on MS Adcenter altogether. There was very limited traffic coming from there and the CPA was simply too high. As we add some features and find some funds, we’ll ramp Google ads back up for sure and revisit the Adcenter program again.

I’m also looking into some other ad spaces and trying to judge the value of some different programs. They all require a bit of a leap of faith to spend a couple hundred dollars on a campaign that may or may not pan out with new sign-ups.

Anyways, on to the stats:

May 16 – June 15

1747 Visits – Down from the last two months, mostly  because of the revisions to the ad budgets.

8261 Pageviews – Down from last month as well.

4.73 pageviews per visit – Slightly down from last month, but still pretty decent.

3:05 time on site – Down just a tiny bit from last month. We have more returning users that have done the setup for their company and are more familiar with how to navigate the site and create invoices, so it’s not surprising to see this drop.

88.95 % New Visits – We’re getting a pretty good number of new eyeballs coming in, but I expect this number will drop a little bit each month as people come back to use the service regularly.

140 Completed Goals – This is down quite a bit from last month. Again the ad spend makes a huge difference, but until we add a couple of more features and begin charging for some of service levels, I’m okay with this.

Top 5 countries by traffic: Canada, UK, USA, South Africa, Australia (Last Month: US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia)

That’s a wrap for the stats this month. I expect very similar numbers next month and then we should see things start to tick up month over month as we expand our marketing.

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