Brand Recognition for a Cause

A few weekends ago, I set up a store for myTooq swag. This mostly filled a need to have an easy means of getting ahold of promo materials easily that had a consistent look. A few people have also asked about a shirt and hat I had made up back in November, so I thought that store would be an ideal means of having quality control without having to order for people.

As I was setting up the store, I noticed that we will receive 10% of the sales as a commission for each item we sell. There was an option to mark-up items, but I opted not to do this to keep the prices as low as possible. I hardly think that myTooq swag will be a viable income stream for us, but I thought that if we did make any income, we could donate the funds to a worthy charity. So from now until September, any commission received from myTooq gear on our store will be donated to the Edmonton Foodbank. At the end of that period, we will pick a new charity to donate to, likely with feedback from our users (you can start throwing ideas in the comments. All 0.7 monthly readers…).

myTooq will also match any donations from the sales up to $250 (more if we have the cashflow). In the future, we’ll try and pick a new charity every quarter and we’ll match what we can in sales. So, maybe you have been using for your invoicing for a little while and like the service, maybe you just know one of us. Now is your chance to help support us by wearing some branded gear and help out a charity at the same time. Maybe you hate us and would like your own effigy to burn, but at least you can help a charity too.

You can visit our store here:

And just to make things more enticing, if you purchase a minimum of  $20.00 in product from the store, I’ll hold a draw at the end of September for a free year of services, and a $50.00 gift card to CafePress where you can create your own custom gear, or order more myTooq swag. I’ll even throw in a $50.00 donation in your name to the charity of your choice.  To be eligible for the draw, send a photo of you with your gear to contact at myTooq dot com by September 15, 2010 with your name and contact info. We’ll put the winner’s pic and first name on the site and contact you to get your prizes to you.

Who knows if we’ll sell a damn thing? I guess we’ll see.


One Comment on “Brand Recognition for a Cause”

  1. mytooq says:

    I thought I would provide a quick review of some of the items I have picked up:

    Coffee mugs: They look great, decent quality mug, and the printing is very clean and well done. A+

    Black Long Sleeved Shirt – Good quality shirt (Gildan) with good print quality. Seem to hold up very well to the rigors of laundry. A+

    Ball Cap – Soft fabric with a close fit around the crown (doesn’t stick up like a trucker cap). I wear this everywhere. A+

    Licence Plate Holder – Looks pretty cool but it covers the registration stickers of my Alberta plate. I had to modify it by cutting away some of the steel which then marred the finish. Save your money. D-

    Men’s Trainer Jacket – The jacket is a nice lightweight material with a fleece lining. The logo is printed on a marbled texture patch though, making it near impossible to read. Good for a cool summer evening. Zippers feel very stiff, but seem to be of okay quality. B-

    Stickers – Nice 3×5 oval sticker. Looks like it will hold up to the weather fairly well. Decent print quality. A

    Kid’s T-shirt – Simple white T, good print quality and good quality cotton. A+

    Flip cam – I don’t have a Tooq branded one, but I bought an HD Flip last December and love it. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it is extremely portable, can run off of regular double A batteries if needed, and takes really good quality video. A+

    I’ll probably pull the jackets and licence plate holder down from the store in a couple of days. I don’t think they would be great sellers anyways.


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