Just a quick post with a quick update:

I just wrapped up today a three-month contract for a large multinational company, stepping into an old job role. I have a feeling they will want me to continue for a couple more weeks, but I managed to escape without being cornered on the subject of an extension. The contract work was fine, in a very nice facility, with a great group of people, however, it became clear a few weeks in that it was a drain on spending time on Tooq. It was a worthwhile effort simply to learn about the tradeoffs of raising some capital for Tooq, but having to spend a good chunk of my time earning the cash. For the immediate future, I would much rather be broke, working on something I love, than making some money working on something I’m somewhat indifferent to. It is good to know that I can manage both things in the future if I need to.

Our new developer starts tomorrow and I need to send him an email to line up for tomorrow. I’m excited to get started and finally start moving some features out the door. I’m sure it will take Richard a couple of weeks to get up to speed, but I have a feeling we’ll see things start to move quickly once he ramps up.

I’ll post an update later this week when I have had a chance to touch base with Richard and regain my bearings. Most likely, I will spend some time this week to step back and re-assess where things are at and what deserves the most focus. I have the full day with my little boy tomorrow though and I think we’ll spend it playing hooky for a good part of the day.

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