Stats for the last month

Sunday morning looks to be the ideal time to update the stats. Looking at my last stats post, I’ll leave this one mostly to the numbers and you can read back if you need explanations of any category.

April 16 – May 15

2245 Visits which is down from last month, but last month had the phantom 500-700 visits, so we are indeed up in overall, real traffic. Not a lot, but moving in the right direction.

10863 Pageviews – This is up even with the phantom pageviews from last month.

4.84 pageviews per visit – I’m pretty happy with this number so far. People coming to the site are showing some good engagement numbers.

3:13 time on site – Again, this shows some good engagement. Three minutes on a non-content site seems like a pretty good start.

90.69 % New Visits – We’re getting a pretty good number of new eyeballs coming in, but I expect this number will drop a little bit each month as people come back to use the service regularly.

191 Completed Goals – Just shy of 50 new users a week. Not too bad for a simple application without many features and a minuscule marketing budget. Goal for the next month is 250.

Top 5 countries by traffic: US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the stats. Things are moving in the right direction, and our engagement seems to be on pretty good footing. Also of note with this month is the fact that our adspend on Google has been roughly half of what it was for the last two weeks. I’m still fine tuning things, but we dropped our bid, but kept our budget and Google is not spending to our budget each day. We’re seeing fewer impression and therefore a little less traffic coming from our ads, but we’ve kept a pretty good CTR. We we’re featured on last week and that certainly helped push some traffic our way.

We’re getting close on hiring a Lead Developer now. Two really good candidates right now and several interviews with a wide range of skills, education and knowledge over the last week. I’ve really enjoyed most of the interviews and seeing what people get passionate about. I need to touch base with a few people, but I should be making a final decision in the next day or so and an announcement here later in the week.

One last stat I’ll mention: In just over two months, has helped people invoice just shy of $500000.00! Considering our still small user base, I’m pretty happy that we’ve seen nearly half a million dollars invoiced already.

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