One Month In: The Stats Post

Project Molloy, what you see as, launched just over a month ago, and I have mentioned in prior posts that I was thinking about sharing some stats. I have decided to share some of the more pertinent stats in a post today. I’m not sure if I’ll share stats every month yet, or just occasionally. I don’t see  a lot of other companies sharing anything like this, so maybe I’m breaking somebody’s rules here.

I also need to point out that there is one anomaly in our stats. I have been doing contract work for a large multi-national for the last six or seven weeks and I received a call while in the middle of testing from some guy at some company telling me about his company’s product (I now know the name of the company, but no need to share it). He was talking about metrics and what they had for me was way better than Google Analytics and there was a free 14 day trial. The easiest way to get him off the phone and get back to work was to say ‘Okay’ to the free trial, send me an email, bye.

Unfortunately, the companies metrics were not terribly helpful as they showed load times for each piece of our home page from different sites around the globe. It also resulted in a huge increase in the number of visits to the site, but also increased the bounce rate as the tool loaded the page then left without any interaction. This activity also bumped the site to a different benchmarking category in Google Analytics and generally caused havoc with our numbers. Luckily, this tools only ran for the Easter Weekend before I was able to terminate the service, but regardless any of our averages are skewed a little bit now.

Moving on, here’s the numbers from March 16 to April 15:

2728 Visits – Subtract roughly 550-700 visits from the metrics fiasco

10063 Pageviews – this would also see 550-700 false pageviews

3.69 Pages per visit – Taking out 700 visits, this moves to 4.61 which is a sign of pretty good engagement.

2:03 Time on site – This one would also be higher if not skewed by the damn metrics trial

92.67% New visits – Granted it’s early, but I’m happy both with driving new traffic to the site AND that we are seeing return traffic. We’re not a content consumption site, so I expect that we’ll see people log in a few times a month to create one or two invoices at a time and then they’ll be gone for a while. The last week has shown some people doing exactly this, so I hope to see some kind of measurable pattern over the next few months.

186 Completed Goals – A goal is completed when the link in the activation email is clicked and the page is loaded.  Unfortunately, there looks to be about 100 that have received the email, but not completed the sign-up. Definitely some room for us to improve on this number.

Traffic came from (in descending order): US, UK, Canada, India, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil

I’m not going to post the site stats (companies created, clients created, invoices created, invoices sent, etc) until there is a larger pool. While I doubt I would be giving away any secrets or compromising anyone’s privacy, I just got the twinge to leave it alone for now.

I hope the stats are interesting and if anything, help some other company benchmark their first month of a beta release with a minuscule marketing budget. I’m off to work on finishing the pitch deck to raise some funding to raise that marketing budget via  a (hopefully anyways) friends and family round. As always, use the comments or drop me a line if you have questions about the stats or anything else.

Thanks for reading.



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