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Oh, this poor and often neglected blog. I have taken up some contract work for a large multi-national, multi-billion dollar, former employer in order to increase Tooq’s mighty war chest (Currently at about $80.00).  While being nearly out of money is not great, we have some options and we’re working on it.  Our saving grace is that we’ve got very low overhead.

Anyways, the point of this post is to list a few of the features that we plan to add in the next major release. I’m posting them in case anyone can point out something more important we should be considering or an argument can be made for not doing something. Anyways, here goes:

1. Estimates and Sales Receipts – These will allow for a more full-fledged solution for a lot of the people that are using the beta. They shouldn’t be too much work and they will be easy to maintain the cleanliness of the user interface.

2. Reports – I know that this is pretty basic functionality that we really need to get  into the product. Unfortunately, my dream of having a massively customisable, pull any data you want kind of engine would end up costing a tonne of time and money. For now, we’ll release a few simple reports, likely a sales by date, sales by customer, and maybe open estimates to start. I’d like to get some sales tax/VAT reports going too, but they may have to wait for one revision.

3. Time Tracking – I’m hoping that this is a simple widget and could be helpful. I’m still on the fence though, because until this can run on your mobile, it may not be helpful for anyone not planted at their desk in front of a computer.

4. Expense Tracker – This is planned as a pretty simple way to enter expenses you incur in your business and tag them to a certain category. This would also require some tax handling to be useful and a report or two be able to review and act on any data. In a future release, we’ll look at ways to record billable expenses and carry them over to an invoice for when you pay for goods up front and bill your clients for them later. I think we can make this a pretty cool feature, but I want to make sure we maintain our simplicity while getting this right.

5. Recurly – We’re in beta until we get some means of  billing people for our service and we have chosen Recurly (see prior posts) to do so. Should be minimal in effort but of course, very important. I need to look into some of the finer points so we can grant people that provide feedback (or are actively using the beta) an extended free trial, and a few other details. Recurly recently changed up their billing model, which was a bit of curveball and they took a little heat for it from their beta users, but while their original model was very good for users, I don’t think it had legs for a long term business plan for them. It will cost us a little more in the early stages, but the pricing is fair and hopefully means Tim and Issac will be around for a long time.

That’s the initial plan for our next release as it stands now. I’m sure it will change and I’d like feedback from anyone that cares to leave it. I also plan to start contacting some users via email and solicit some direct feedback (likely another post or two from that exercise). Feel free to chime in with your $0.02.

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