Private Beta Released


After what seems like an eternity (and an extra long week), I’m happy to announce that the beta is now available! I apologize for the delay, as we expected to launch last Tuesday, but after some SSL certificate issues, we had to find a new server solution which led to some issues with the email system and took a while to resolve.

What you can expect from the beta:

A simple, easy to navigate user interface that allows you to create and send electronic invoices easily. myTooq allows you to create and maintain clients, items & services, discounts, terms, and track your sales taxes/VAT collected. Allow access to your emloyees that need access to billing.

What myTooq’s beta can’t do (yet):

Estimates and sales receipts are coming soon, as well as reports for insight into your business. We also know that we have a handful or two of things we need to improve to make your experience better. There are a few warning messages that are not very helpful, and a few places the interface is not as intuitive as it could be. There are many improvements coming that we have planned, but we want to integrate your feedback before we start down any wrong paths.

How do I get a Beta Code?

You can email me at beta at mytooq dot com with a subject line that says “Need Beta Code” or “Gimme” or something and I’ll make sure you get a code after you clear our rigorous interview process (“He sent an email requesting access?” , “Yup” ,  “He’s in”). If you click the “Get Started” buttons, there is also a request form there. We’re working on a first come, first serve basis and will allow new people to access until we have enough feedback flowing in. For now, all accounts are at the Enterprise level so you can have as many clients and invoices as you like.

Check in here for updates as we collect and analyze feedback and start work on the batch of features.

Thanks for reading,



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