Beta Update…

Well, March 9 has come and gone and you may have noticed that there was no beta announcement. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

As it turns out, there was some issues with deploying to a shared server and having multiple SSL certificates that I didn’t hear about until late in the day yesterday and I was less than impressed with the result. All of our marketing and social media has pushed the March 2nd date and we blew it. As this is our first launch and we don’t have any existing products or customers, we trade on our name and our word. Unfortunately, early in the game, we have broken our word and likely reduced any value in our name. For that, I personally apologize.

I have always known that we would see stumbling blocks and set backs, especially early in our start-up journey and honestly there have been less of those than I expected. So today, I’m standing myself back up, dusting myself off and getting back to work to get our beta deployed. I’m still not sure of the time line, it might be today, it might be next week, but it will be released as soon as possible. We need to find another server solution, get the environment set-up and the code pushed over. After that, there will be a quick sanity testing round and then we’ll announce the launch.

So for now, I’ll take the lumps and moving forward, I’ll apply the lessons learned this week. Such is life in getting a start-up off the ground.

Thanks for reading,


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