Closing in

Sorry the posting has been sparse as of late. I’m still working on my recovery from my recent unplanned vacation that included a tour of a couple of the Capital Region’s health facilities, I’m doing some contract work for a large, multinational tech company and we’re still going full speed ahead to get our beta out. Molloy (our first release) is due out next week and is Tooq‘s first major milestone.

The good news is that beta is still on track to release on Tuesday. We had a solid candidate build early this week which gave me a chance to complete some testing and figure out any major issues that someone signing in for the first time might have. I found a few things, mostly minor, but a couple of bigger things that had to be fixed. The changes were made and a new build was pushed to the test server late Friday afternoon. Since then, I have been working through the site to make sure the changes work and have been working like mad to write the most vital FAQs and some other copy for the site. Overall, I’m very happy with how things are shaping up and I have learned a lot during this release. If I had to do it all again, I could change a few things that would have had a workable version out a little bit earlier, simply by working some pieces in earlier and leaving others until later. That being said, the functionality is quite solid and the look is quite clean. I think we have created something that is easy to use and should allow invoices that look really sharp to be created really quickly.

We have had 91 sign-ups for the beta and 8 of those unsubscribed with an update email I sent about ten days ago. I’m guessing that we’ll see a fraction of those people log into the beta release and not all of the 83 that remained on the list. While I would hope the initial sign-up numbers are high on Tuesday, I’d be happy to see one or two people create an account and send constructive feedback and tell us we’re headed in the right direction. One day, one sign-up at a time as long as we’re doing things right and doing right by our users.

I’ll post again on Monday with a more detailed list of what functionality the beta does have and maybe more importantly, what it does not have, and how you can get a beta code if you would like one.  Until then, it’s time for a little sleep before a couple more long days work.

Thanks for reading,



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