Late January Update

Time for a quick update about what I’m up to and some updates on the product and its beta.

First off, I received a candidate build today for our presentation at Edmonton’s DemoCamp 10. I’ve taken a quick spin through the application and I’m starting to make notes about the flow of the presentation. So far the app is looking good and major functionality is really taking shape. There is, however, a bunch of little things that we’ll need to fix and I keep adding to my list. They won’t be fixed for DemoCamp, but we’ll try to blitz the app before we launch to beta. I can honestly say I’m both nervous and excited to provide the first public look at

Next on our list is the ever forthcoming friends and family pitch deck. We’re in need of some funding and I was hoping to have this deck completed back  in December. However, due to the holidays, managing the development side of things and the rest of life, it has taken way too long to get this going. The good news is that I made huge strides on the presentation last week and it just needs a little polish. Then I need to build a quick wireframe for the recruitment module and put together an investor’s package, then send out some emails and make phone calls. With any luck, things will go well. If it’s like everything else, it will take twice as long and be twice as hard to get accomplished, but I’m okay with that as long as we can get an influx of cash to keep this train moving.

Beta signups continue to exceed my expectations. We currently have 57 signups for beta which is far more than I expected to have. I only know 6 or 7 of the people who have signed up, so it’s very thrilling to see early interest in the billing module. About 60% of our traffic has come from an Adwords campaign with a tiny daily spend ($8.00 CAD). The nice thing about the campaign is that it has allowed us to test some assumptions about how Adwords will help us acquire users.  One thing I need to do this week is send an email out to those that have signed up and give them some notice of what’s happening with the beta. I’ve been reluctant to send anything until I had a better idea of a release date, simply because I promised not to abuse people’s inboxes and I plan to stick to that promise.

As far a product update goes, I can say that mobile access and time tracking are out for the beta for sure. Some features have taken a lot more time (and money) than planned and these features will have to wait. Time tracking may come by the end of February, but I suspect mobile will be at least a few more months. There are still a few features that are on the cusp for beta, but should follow soon behind, these being reports, multiple user access and estimates and sales receipts. I should have a beta release date later this week, but I expect it will be sometime in mid-February.

That’s all for now. I’ll post again later this week with news from DemoCamp and any feedback we receive on our presentation. Thanks for reading.



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