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Earlier this week, a former coworker was looking for a web designer on Facebook and it ended up turning into a meeting to talk about his business idea. While I can’t comment on what his idea is, it will involve the web and require them to find people interested in their site. We had a good conversation and lots of ideas were thrown around, but I had promised I would send some links and resources to help him and his business partner out. After putting everything together, I realized that the list had a lot of good information and maybe it would have some value to share to a wider audience. So for all two regular readers, I present a non-definitive list of valuable resources for the budding web entrepreneur:

Blogging: – Better visitor data than blogger, lots of options with self-hosted, but more than adequate on the free hosted version


Twitter – Create an account then go to:

Hootsuite – Easy to set up multiple users for a single account, also easy to manage multiple accounts from one application (personal and business), then:

Search for “@Tooq” and follow me. You can view my profile and find some good small biz tech folks to follow there.

Update: Tim Van Loan from Recurly also suggested Cotweet.

Blogs: – Peter Basil out of Vancouver has a tonne of info on his site about things you can do early to save time and money down the road – Probably the most read blog with news on start-ups, be sure to check out Crunchbase and add your company – Another popular tech blog, worth checking every day. – Specialized site profiling start-ups and entrepreneurs and providing resources. Worth signing up for. – Great resource for information on funding and starting a business in general. Really interactive authors of the blog and a good community of readers. – Chris Dixon has some really good articles – Mark Suster is a must read for entrepreneurs – former founder now a VC – Lots of good info on customer acquisition, SAAS, etc – Lots of swearing, but the guy has passion to spare . Smart and inspirational stuff for entrepreneurs – Our blog

Update: Tim also suggested Eric Ries’ blog – I have read a fair bit at Eric’s blog, but I somehow missed listing it. Guessing that the bookmark is still in my unsorted folder and I missed it. Hat tip to Tim for pointing it out.

Specific Blog Posts of Value: – Paul Graham’s site should be in the above list too. – The ins and outs of a Unanimous Shareholder’s Agreement – A must read for customer acquisition and a spreadsheet template that will save you weeks. – Adsense primer – Aaron Patzer, CEO of video on start-ups – Another Paul Graham article – Jason Fried of 37 signals is smart and insightful. When this book comes out, buy it.


Besides all of the standard email, word processing, spreadsheet and accounting tools you need (and don’t need to be listed, here’s a few I have found really useful): – Mind mapping software, but I have used for project planning and product and feature development. About $20 per year and you can provide others access to your maps. – Tooq’s wireframe was all created using mockupscreens. Fast, simple and clear when showing a developer what you want or working with a designer. Was also incredibly helpful in fleshing out functionality for the site. – Some basic legal primer information. This does NOT mean you don’t need a good corporate lawyer. – Still having a look at the tools on offer hear, but no spam from them unlike another tool I tried out.

Community: – Sign up here for info on DemoCamp and other YEG tech events – Closely related to the above – Online community for small biz and start-ups. Some good resources and help available

So I’ve only clipped the tail end of the email to my friend, but the rest is as I sent it. I have to say thanks to all the bloggers on this list for great advice and content as well as a lot of people I follow on Twitter that have provided links over the last six months. If you have any more links, I’d love to see them in the comments and I’ll add them to the main article.

Update: I just wanted to mention that if you are not familiar with Tim and his company Recurly, they are the service that we have chosen to use for to manage our subscriptions. We haven’t gotten everything hooked up yet, but I’m really excited to use the service. Recurly should save us a lot of time and money in getting our service launched. If you happen to be building an online service, you should check them out. You can read more on my here.


2 Comments on “Start-up Links”

  1. Tim Van Loan says:

    This is a great list of blogs/tools and guides! There are a couple others i’d add to the list.

    Startup Blogs
    Definitely add Eric Ries’ blog to the list. His focus on lean startups and metric-based product design is awesomely helpful:

    I would also add CoTweet to this list. We use it and love it for how flexible it is, and how it gives us great insight into topics related to our focus-subscription billing.

  2. mytooq says:

    Thanks for the additions here Tim. Eric Ries is a great add to the list. I’ll have a look at CoTweet later today.

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