Help for Haiti

Just a quick post if you’re looking to donate some money to relief efforts after the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti yesterday. Reports are saying that over 100000 people lost their lives in the quake and I’ve seen reports estimating as many as half a million.

If you use Paypal, Danny Brown’s 12for12K charity is raising funds and you can donate here:

According to @snipeyhead on Twitter: is also accepting donations for #Haiti – donations go to the Mercy Corps.

And in the US, you can text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to make a $10.00 donation (not sure if this works elsewhere in the world. I will update if I can find out).

No amount is too small and every dollar helps.



3 Comments on “Help for Haiti”

  1. mytooq says:

    Update on text message donations for those in Canada from @unmarketing on Twitter:

    “My text donation worked through Bell: $5 text Haiti to 45678 for Bell or Rogers customers in Canada for #Haiti”

  2. Danny Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing 12for12k as a resource, Brian, very much appreciated. As you say, every little helps and is needed so much at the minute.

    Thanks again,


  3. mytooq says:

    Thanks goes to you Danny for reacting so quickly to get something set up with a charity that was already present in Haiti. I’m glad I’m able to help provide avenues for other to donate too.


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