Product Update

I thought it might be interesting to provide an update into the development status of and where things are at for us, as we work at getting the beta into your hands.

First off, I fixed the email situation for the domain. I knew about it but things just kept getting pushed back a little until two weeks had passed by. The good news is, emails are now active and you can reach me with questions at brian at mytooq dot com if you need to. The other way is connect with me on Twitter (user name “Tooq”) as I usually have a client open most of the day.

As for the application itself, work is coming along at a decent pace, but some outside issues have slowed development and our beta release is now pushed back to the end of January. As far as software goes, this happens a lot as estimates are always optimistic, and I’m not terribly surprised.

The log-in functionality is working, and the company dashboard is partially done. The dashboard shows recent, open and unpaid invoices that you have created, has a chart of income history and offers one-click access to other areas of the application. We have an IP comparison working which allows you to view your current and previous log in time and IP address. This is part of our security planning and makes it easy for you to spot potential unauthorized account access and take immediate steps to protect your business.

The company profile is working and your information there will help us configure your applicable sales taxes. We will get you to verify the rates, but you can configure them however you need to. Once your profile information is set and your sales taxes are configured, you can move directly into creating an invoice, which is also mostly hooked up and working now. The date picker and terms are there, auto calculated due date is nearly done and the addition and deletion of invoice line items is working. We had a discussion this week about discounts and how they should work and that is mostly implemented now. I think we came up with a solution that is flexible enough for most small businesses, contractors and freelancers and should be easy to use. When the invoice is fully created, the estimate and sales receipts features will be added.

One of the biggest pieces to come is the reports feature. This was designed to be simple yet powerful and allow you to get at your information in a meaningful way. While is not accounting software, you still need to access numbers to chart your income, remit your sales taxes, find outstanding AP amounts and the like. You won’t be able to run a Balance Sheet or a P&L, but you will be able to pull your data out of the system in lots of useful ways to help you run your business.  After we launch in beta, we’ll likely look to talk with customers about what reports they created that were most useful and add some canned reports to the application.

We are also looking into Recurly this week to sort out what we will need to integrate with them. We have a couple of questions about the way we have designed the application that we need to make sure will work. The biggest part being that the subscription is tied to a company, not your personal account. The personal account may be attached to numerous different companies with the idea that you may invoice as an individual for work on the side and handle the billing for you daytime employer. We did not want to force people to have several different log-ins for the same application. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to make Recurly work for us without too much effort, certainly less than writing all the code ourselves.

And of course, there are a few pieces that we won’t have in time for the beta release, but will work on getting into your hands as soon as we can. We won’t have the time-tracking widget for January, but it should within several weeks of the beta release. We also won’t have mobile access right off the bat. We have decided that it would be better to get feedback on the main application, make changes as required and then create the mobile app. This is mainly a business decision, as a bootstrapped venture, we need to preserve some capital and ensure we can support each release properly.

Beta sign ups continue to grow slowly but steadily. If you know someone who might be interested in using a competitively priced (or free) invoicing service, please send them along to and ask them to sign up. I have a few posts planned for next week, where I hope to get your feedback on some support and product ideas, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by,



2 Comments on “Product Update”

  1. Tim says:

    Hello Brian,
    We’re excited to be able to help you and are standing by to assist you and your users. If there is anything else we can do to help, just let us know. Thanks again,

  2. mytooq says:

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks very much. We’re a little behind getting to the Recurly stuff, but I think it will work for us and we’re happy to have the service. We’ll keep you posted if we have any questions.


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