Subscription Management

At Tooq, we believe that your data is your data, and while we will retain the right to use some of that data to improve our service (it will all be spelled out in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy), we believe that we should be explicit when we use a third party to help provide our services.

One challenge we have run into, was the cost of developing a solution for handling your paid subscriptions. It sounds simple enough: You would pick your subscription level, choose monthly or annual payment and enter your credit card details. How hard could that be to code?

In truth, handling the subscription choices probably would not be too hard, and there are solutions to handle the payment side of things. The problem for us as a bootstrapped startup is the added cost and time of developing these pieces. The other complexity that comes into play is handling a situation where you might want to upgrade or downgrade a subscription. What if you paid for a year at the top tier but now want to move down one level? What if you paid for a year at the small business level and need to move one level up? This is where the development and testing complexity were unrealistic for us to complete in time and within budget.

As luck would have it, Techcrunch posted an article about a startup called based in San Francisco. Recurly handles subscription management and payments, including upgrading and downgrading of accounts throughout the subscription. After the Techcrunch post, I had a look and figured that they could solve this problem for us.

This morning I received beta access to Recurly and have spent some time looking at the service, and more importantly, their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I am happy to say that they handle  data, ours and yours, in a way that I am satisfied with and we will integrate Recurly to handle Tooq’s subscription management needs. Now there is still some work to be done and a lot of testing, but I think it will work like a charm. There will be a few design changes to the site to ensure you are aware when you are using Recurly’s service and providing information to them instead of just Tooq.

Just wanted to let you know if you’re one of the few following our progress. If you want to learn more about Recurly, you can visit their site at

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by.



2 Comments on “Subscription Management”

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the kind words Brian. We developed Recurly from the ground up with developers in mind. That includes the security necessary to ensure you and your customers are protected- and our terms of service speaks to that.

    We’re standing by to help you and the rest of the Tooq team. Thanks again, and we’re looking forward to helping you!

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